TUTOR: Susan Kemp


• Acrylics for Beginners

• “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop


Our fully equipped, air-conditioned studio in Storms River Village offers easels, table workstations and other basic studio equipment. Materials required for your courses can be supplied through the studio if you cannot get hold of everything you need to bring with. Please arrange with us before the time!

Acrylics for Beginners (3 days)

(scroll down for advanced course)




1. Basic art principles: Observation, composition, perspective, depth, value, practical exercises.

2. Colour theory: Colour wheel and other practical exercises, evaluation of individual paint collections.

3. The basic steps of creating a painting: Canvas preparation, sketching, painting.

5. General info and advice: Creativity, criticism, marketing, admin, commissions, myths, workspaces.

6. Course manual.

7. Additional handouts: Research info on Canvas & Gesso, and Tips to Photograph your Art.




Please refer to the album “Art Course Materials” on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/art4allgallery/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3119835451405788


1. Bring all your art materials for acrylic painting  (paints, mediums, brushes, pencils, sketch books, erasers, palettes, palette knives and painting knives), as discussion and advice regarding these will form part of the course. The studio supplies materials for drawing exercises.


2. Canvases & paper.  We’ll be painting on size A3 canvas (stretched, or not). Canvas off the roll can be purchased from the studio. Colour exercises will be done on 200g/300g drawing paper or watercolour paper. If you need to get this through the studio, please advise us in advance.


3. Acrylic paints. The three primaries (yellow, red, blue) + black (ivory) and white (titanium). Refer to the Facebook album mentioned above. Ask advice from your art supplies store about which red, yellow and blue to buy as a beginner. The studio sells a basic range of Dala acrylics, but you can also pay per “squirt” or “scoop” of paint as required.


4. Gesso, for preparation of paper and canvasses. It can also be used as a white with your other paints. The studio sells small containers of gesso - or you can pay per “squirt” or “scoop”.


5. Acrylic mediums (gloss or matt glaze medium, or gel medium). Water is not a suitable medium to mix into acrylic paints!  Also available through the studio - or pay per “squirt” or “scoop”.


6. Brushes (bristle & synthetic).  Nrs 2, 4, 6 and 10 flat, and a thin synthetic round (e.g. nr 1 or 2). We’ll help out if you do not have all the correct brushes, or you can buy from the studio.


7. Paint rags/paper towels/toilet rolls for cleaning.


Please call SUSAN at (083) 467 9388 for advice.


Acrylics “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop (3 days)


Not for beginners.




In this workshop, every person works on his/her own project, under guidance of the tutor.  It starts off with critique sessions of existing work. Bring along a maximum of three artworks for constructive criticism: One you hate, one you love, and one you got stuck with, for example. You can do further work on these during the workshop in addition to starting a new project of your choice. Bring reference materials for your new project, choose from our reference materials, or take photos in the village.


NB:  Please be careful of using copyrighted photos or artworks by other artists. Painting the artwork of another person merely limits you to mistakes already made by the artist and restricts you to information about the subject matter as already adapted and interpreted by them. Rather choose or set up similar subjects and take your own photographs. Remember, composition starts with setting up or choosing a subject - but you can change it in any way you want when you do your painting. Please bring printouts, as the village does not offer colour printing facilities, or you can work from your tablets.



Bring along your usual art materials and canvases. Also refer to the “Materials” section on Pages 1 & 2. Please call SUSAN at (083) 467 9388 for advice.




•          R2500 per 3-day course (including refreshments during breaks and 3 lunches).

•          Costs are the same for both courses.

•          Discount of 5% for groups (two or more people).

•          Discount for local residents. Please enquire.           

•          Regular weekly classes can be arranged.

•          A deposit of R750 is required upon booking, with the balance due when the course starts; or we can arrange a monthly payment plan. Fifty per cent of the deposit can be refunded if a cancellation is received up to one month before the course starts; no refunds if cancelled less than a month before the course or if the course had been postponed already.



(Tailor-made courses are available.)


JAN. 11 - 13 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

JAN. 25 - 27 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

FEB. 8 - 10 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

FEB. 22 - 24 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

MARCH 8 - 10 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

MARCH 22 - 24 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

APRIL 12 - 14 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

APRIL 26 - 28 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

MAY 10 - 12 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

MAY 24 - 26 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

JUNE 7 - 9 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

JUNE 21 - 23 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

JULY 12 - 14 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

JULY 26 - 28 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

AUG. 9 - 11 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners..

AUG. 23 - 25 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

SEPT. 13 - 15 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

SEPT.27 - 29 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

OCT. 11 - 13 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

OCT.25 - 27 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

NOV. 8 - 10 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.

NOV. 22 - 24 (Mon. to Wed.) “Paint with Susan” mentoring workshop.

DEC.13 -15 (Mon. to Wed.) Acrylics for Beginners.                  


Storms River Village is a popular adventure tourism destination that offers adventure and outdoors activities, nature trails, birding, restaurants and a spa. Selected accommodation options are available to our students at preferential rates - all within walking distance of the studio. The relevant information will also be supplied to you.Give us a call - we would love to share our art and our village with you. Also, have a peek at our Facebook page and website:







Contact SUSAN at (083) 467 9388 / (042) 2811 006 or susankemp1@gmail.com.