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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Art-for-All Gallery brings art to the public and opportunity and benefits to its diverse group of artists in a southern coastal region of South Africa called the Tsitsikamma. Gallery owner and artist Johan Brink chose this name because the intention of the gallery is to be unpretentious and accessible.

Artists in Storms River Village dream up their creations in the arms of Storms River Peak.
Peak of Inspiration

The gallery sells large paintings and small paintings, framed and unframed; originals and prints. Truly, there is art by all and art for all. It prides itself on the fact that it offers a wide range of mediums and styles - art made by locals, made with passion and heart.

Every piece, including the signed art prints, contains a bit of the artist’s soul and a dash of her or his DNA.

In addition to selling art online and its permanent exhibition in the village of Storms River, Art-for-All holds at least two group exhibitions every year, one in winter and another in summer. Artworks are created especially for these occasions. If older works are shown, they have not been exhibited before, nor marketed online. These exhibitions, which are well sponsored by private individuals and local businesses, provide opportunities for art collectors to be the first to view totally new work from the region.

Artists represented at present are Johan Brink, Susan Kemp, Elzette Bester, Elmarie Swanepoel, Marcel Terblanche, Nic Hester, Estelle Hester, Nathalie Strassburg, Marlene Liebenberg and Henk Liebenberg.

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