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Have you ever wondered whether you have the talent to explore the wonderful world of watercolour? The simple answer is, "Yes, you do". We can help you unlock those talents and set you on your way!

Art-for-All Gallery offers hands-on, fun but professional courses specially designed for beginners as well as those with some experience wishing to grow their craft. This three-day watercolour course covers everything you will need to produce your own work and continue to do so back home. You can also use it as a springboard to other mediums.

We have courses for beginners as well as advanced artists. Everything from the hands-on aspects of painting and drawing to marketing and sharing your work with friends, family and the public at large is addressed. Perspective, composition, techniques, colour-mixing… all you need to know, and then a bit more!

The air-conditioned Art-for-All Studio in the quaint village of Storms River is fully equipped to comfortably accommodate 6 artists, each at their own work station.

The course covers -

Assessment of equipment, materials and accessories.

Composition, perspective, depth, colour theory and more

Colour mixing.

Watercolour techniques.

Hands-on excercises.

Step-by-step, personal tutoring in creating a painting.

Setting up your studio & workstation back home.

Making media and computers work for you.

What is art? The eternal question!

Step onto the road to creativity!

The course includes -

Stimulating, creative environment in a professional studio.

Individual attention (maximum of 6 per class).

All teas and lunches.

Course manual (handy reference for back home).

The necessary equipment and certain art materials.

Professional mounting of your completed artworks on paper.

Post-course support… a little hand-holding!

Accommodation: We can recommend accommodation options in the village at preferential artist's rates.

Contact us for more information: https://www.artforallgallery.co.za/contact-us

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