Updated: Aug 19

Art – they wish!

Cats and artists wide awake, making art while the moon shines.

All of them always feel they never make enough art. Artists have high expectations of themselves and an insatiable need to create. But they are kept busy by the mundane a LOT of the time. They do dishes, laundry, house-cleaning, shopping; they raise children, have daytime jobs, fall ill, or fall and break something; fall short of their expectations of themselves all the time.

Artists therefore tend to burn the candle on both sides AND in the middle. When the tough go to bed, they go to their easel (drawing board, clay table). When others get up to go to the loo later in the night, they see the artist’s light is still on, or maybe being switched off.

Dog and one-eyed cat supervising night-time firing of ceramic sculptures.

Rest in peace when your neighbour is an artist. It is like having the neighbourhood watch attending to you personally, as prowlers have to move on to where people are sleeping soundly.

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