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Johan Brink, owner of Art-for-All Gallery and Studio in Storms River Village, works primarily in watercolours. He feels that no other medium can replicate the brightness and luminosity which one can achieve with watercolour. “The depth and soul captured by a vibrant, bright watercolour is something extremely special,” he says. “This, linked with the high level of skill required to render a good watercolour makes the medium totally unique." His watercolours reveal the richness of tone and light of the South African landscape. His work has been incorporated into collections around the world and continues to grow in popularity.



Elzette grew up on a farm near Montagu, where she first learned about art at school. After school she did a short course in watercolours with her great aunt, the late artist Sannie Oosthuisen. She studied Conservation in Cape Town and continued art as a recreational activity. She has been working as a conservationist for SANParks in the Tsitsikamma for the past 15 years, continuing her studies in watercolours under tutorship of local artist and Bitou Art Gallery owner Johan Brink. Her love for nature and her interest in the esoteric both find expression in her art. She experiments with styles and enjoys painting both realistic and abstract work.


Susan is a versatile, full-time artist who works in acrylics, oils, ink, pencil, charcoal, and mixed media (abstract and realistic). She sculpts in natural earthen clay, paper machè, wood, soapstone, and mixed media. She is also an art teacher, portraitist, book illustrator and cartoonist. Portraits of people (young and old) and animals (wildlife, too) are done in acrylics, pastels, pencil or charcoal.

Marcel se foto.jpg

Marcel Terblanche

Marcel grew up with a deep love for the outdoors and nature. His art has always reflected his love for nature and over the years his subjects have grown to include bird and wildlife studies, fungi, and fantastic forest scenes. He works in a wide range of mediums - pencil, ink, charcoal, acrylic and watercolour - paying special attention to detail and exciting colour use. Being a lifelong trout fisherman and professional fly-tyer with a passion for beautiful trout, he has become well known in the global fly-fishing community for his trout art. Admirers over the world have his work displayed in special places like Patagonia, Scotland and Germany.

Nathalie Strassburg

With more than 18 years of design industry experience, Nathalie Strassburg has been part of the planning, design and implementation of a large number of projects with clients from all over the world. Her specialisation is branding and her design company, By Delight, was launched in 2005. Education: Resonance Academy Delegate, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP, the study of subjective human experience); Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Advertising (Hawaii Pacific University); and she has various diplomas & certificates in Graphic Design. At Pro Arte Alphen Park High School, SA, she specialised in Art: Drawing, design, graphics & printmaking, art documentation and research.

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