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When you look into the eyes of another living being long enough, you realize everyone is beautiful.

In the art world, some people look down on artists doing pet portraits. I do a wide variety of art, including abstract expressionism, traditional realistic subject matters, portrait commissions, and primitive pottery (including sculptures).

Sometimes I get commissioned to do beloved pets. I get the same reaction as when I do portraits of grandchildren, for example - tears of joy. Now that is satisfying and heart-warming when you want to do something you like that also benefits others!

I do portraits of people (young and old) and animals (wildlife, too) in acrylics, pastels, pencil or charcoal. I'm also an art an tutor, book illustrator and cartoonist. See more of my work at and


Jerry, 7 months old, is from the UK. He will always be remembered by this portrait.

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