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Acrylics – Beginners : Nov '24

This course is complete beginners experience in acrylics under the guidance of Susan Kemp.

  • 3 000 South African rand
  • Art-for-All Studio

4 spots left

Course Information

This course is an introduction to acrylic paints, presented in the fully-equipped, air-conditioned (and load-shedding proof!) Art-for-All Studio. It is a popular a belief that oils are superior to and easier than acrylics, but it is merely a matter of becoming familiar with your medium. The longer drying time of oils is regarded as an advantage because it gives you more time to blend and manipulate the paint. The fast drying time of acrylics, however, enables you to quickly get around to what you want to do or change. You just repaint when you want to make changes. It also safeguards you from the pitfalls of overworking, or blending too much. We start out with practical exercises in paint techniques and colour mixing, which familiarizes you with the medium at the same time. Basic art principles such as observation, composition, perspective, depth, and value are discussed as the course progresses. When we get to the basic steps of creating a painting, you will have found your way with acrylic paint, and you will know how to mix the colours required. Personal assistance is given all through the course. Subjects like creativity, criticism, marketing, admin, how to handle commissions, and the practical problems of organizing workspaces are also touched upon. Every student gets a course manual, as well as handouts on canvas preparation and photographing your art. Post-course support is also supplied via monthly critique of your home-completed work (always constructive!) resulting in a discounted, advanced mentoring course. We just love seeing our students blossom and achieve their artistic goals! We can supply, at cost, much of what you'll need, but do bring all your own equipment (see requirement list under Art Courses on the website), because evaluation of individual paints sets is a valuable part of the course. We all learn from each other, even regarding the materials we use. YOUR COURSE INCLUDES: All teas, drinks, and lunches at a local bistro (also discounts on any other meals you might have); professional mounting of one of your pieces produced during the course, if on paper and if time allows. ACCOMMODATION: We can recommend accommodation options in the village at preferential artist's rates. Visit Bring your partner or friend... there's such a lot to see and do in our village! Please feel free to contact us if you need to know more. Susan.

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